December TSP: SportsBiz Execs Think Cable’s Going A-La-Carte

When will consumers in the U.S. have the ability to purchase pay-TV channels completely a la carte, rather than in pre-set bundles?

Less than 2 years from today - 23%
In 2-5 years - 50%
More than 5 years from today - 22%
Never - 3%
Not sure / No response - 2%

This month's TSP covers eSports, sports media, golf, current events and more. Check out the results!

November TSP: SportsBiz Execs Say Daily Fantasy is Gambling

Is participation in daily fantasy sports gambling?

Yes - 72%
No - 19%
Not sure / No response - 9%

This month's TSP covers topics including daily fantasy sports and the sports business year in review. Read on to see how industry executives responded to these issues and more!

October TSP: Rousey Overwhelmingly Identified as Face of UFC

At this moment, who is the face of UFC? (Open comments)

Ronda Rousey - 51%
Dana White - 11%
Connor McGregor - 2%
Other - 1%
Not Sure - 35%

This month's TSP covers the fight game, daily fantasy sports and college athletics. Read on to see what our industry's top executives thought about those topics, current events and more.

September TSP: Strong Stable of Up-And-Coming PGA Players Attracting Attention

As a golf tournament attendee, which of these players would you most want to see play?

Jordan Spieth - 48%
Tiger Woods - 23%
Rory McIlroy - 12%
Jason Day - 6%
Rickie Fowler - 4%
Dustin Johnson - 2%
Not sure / No response - 5%

This month's TSP covers golf, the NBA, the evolution of endurance events, and more. Read on to see how top sports business executives chimed in on these topics!

August TSP: NBA Best at Hiring, Advancing Women on Business Side

Which of the following “Big Five” leagues does the best job of hiring and advancing women on the business side?

NBA - 44%
MLB - 11%
NFL - 11%
MLS - 5%
NHL - 3%
None of the above - 8%
Not sure/no response - 18%

This month's TSP covers women in sports business, the NFL, the NHL, digital and email marketing, and more. Want to see what today's sports business executives think on these topics? Read on!

July TSP: Soccer Leading the Way in Youth Sport Sentiment

Which of the following sports are you most likely to encourage your children to play/participate in? (Select all that apply)

Soccer - 68%
Basketball - 61%
Baseball/Softball - 57%
Golf - 54%
Tennis - 50%
Swimming - 48%
Running / track and field - 40%

The July 2015 TSP covers youth sports, college football, the Rio Olympics and more! Read on for the results!

June TSP: SportsBiz Execs Call for Re-Vote on World Cup Host Nations

Should the right to host the 2018 (Russia) and/or the 2022 (Qatar) FIFA World Cup be submitted to a re-vote? (Please select all that apply)

Yes, the 2018 event - 52%
Yes, the 2022 event - 74%
No, neither - 16%
Not sure / No response - 9%

The June 2015 TSP covers FIFA and the World Cup, the digital fan experience, streaming sports and entertainment events, sports business education, and more! Check out the full results here.

May TSP: Millennials Seen As Less Passionate About Sports Than Boomers Were

Do you think millennials are as passionate about sports as baby boomers were at that age?

Yes - 30%
No - 67%
Not sure / No response - 3%

The May 2015 TSP covers collegiate athletic administration, sustainability, sports drinks, and the Women's World Cup. Read on to see what our industry's top executives think about these topics and more!

April TSP: Host City Residents Should Have Say in Olympic Bids

Should a bid by a U.S. city to host the Olympic Games require approval by a vote or a referendum among its residents?

Yes - 68%
No - 31%
Not sure / No response - 1%

This month's TSP covers sponsorship, content, TV ratings, NFL blackout policy and more. Read on to see what today's top sports business executives think about these topics and more!

March TSP: Cell Phone Coverage Critical to Fan Experience

How important are the following technological features to the live sporting event experience? Responses below are displayed as percent of respondents who selected "vital" as the importance level of the element listed.

Reliable cell phone coverage/service - 87%
A large HD video board - 66%
Free Wi-Fi - 58%
Mobile apps for event information - 19%
In-seat food & beverage service - 6%

This month's TSP covers technology, the fight industry, integrity in sports, horse racing, and more. Read on for the results!