May TSP: Under Armour Best at Utilizing Sponsorships, Endorsers

In the last five years, which of the following apparel brands have used their sports sponsorships and endorsement portfolios most effectively?

Under Armour - 67%
Nike - 29%
Adidas - 3%
Not sure / No response - 1%

Sports executives provided their thoughts on sports apparel brands, the role of NCAA Athletic Director, current events and more in this month's TSP. Check out what they had to say here!

April TSP: Twitter Benefits From New NFL Deal

In your opinion, who benefits more from the recent NFL-Twitter media rights deal?

Twitter - 63%
The NFL - 20%
Not sure / No response - 17%

This month's TSP covers virtual reality, the Indy 500, women's athletics and media. Read on to see what our industry's leaders think on these topics and more!

March TSP: Sports Execs Prefer Downtown Stadiums Over Suburban Facilities

When it comes to sports venues, which do you prefer in terms of location?

Downtown location - 88%
Suburban location - 9%
Not sure / No response - 3%

This month's TSP covers stadiums and facilities, professional sports, UFC, current events and more. Read on to see what our industry's top executives had to say about these topics!

February TSP: SportsBiz Execs Say March Madness Remains a Strong Marketing Platform

Compared to five years ago, is the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament…

A stronger marketing platform for brands - 46%
At the same level as it was five years ago - 36%
A weaker marketing platform for brands - 17%
Not sure / No response - 1%

This month's TSP covers March Madness, the upcoming MLB season, MLS expansion and current events. Read on to see what our industry's top executives had to say about these topics and more!

January TSP: SportsBiz Execs Most Associate Bud, Pepsi with Super Bowl

What brand first comes to mind when you think about the Super Bowl? (Write-in question; only responses with at least 1% of mentions shown)

Budweiser - 26%
Pepsi - 24%
Bud Light - 5%
Doritos - 4%
Anheuser-Busch InBev - 3%
Visa - 3%
Coca-Cola - 2%
Chevrolet - 1%
Gatorade - 1%
Not sure / No response - 10%

This month's TSP covers college football, the NFL, motorsports, ticketing and current events. Read on to see what our industry's top executives had to say about these topics and more!

December TSP: SportsBiz Execs Think Cable’s Going A-La-Carte

When will consumers in the U.S. have the ability to purchase pay-TV channels completely a la carte, rather than in pre-set bundles?

Less than 2 years from today - 23%
In 2-5 years - 50%
More than 5 years from today - 22%
Never - 3%
Not sure / No response - 2%

This month's TSP covers eSports, sports media, golf, current events and more. Check out the results!

November TSP: SportsBiz Execs Say Daily Fantasy is Gambling

Is participation in daily fantasy sports gambling?

Yes - 72%
No - 19%
Not sure / No response - 9%

This month's TSP covers topics including daily fantasy sports and the sports business year in review. Read on to see how industry executives responded to these issues and more!

October TSP: Rousey Overwhelmingly Identified as Face of UFC

At this moment, who is the face of UFC? (Open comments)

Ronda Rousey - 51%
Dana White - 11%
Connor McGregor - 2%
Other - 1%
Not Sure - 35%

This month's TSP covers the fight game, daily fantasy sports and college athletics. Read on to see what our industry's top executives thought about those topics, current events and more.

September TSP: Strong Stable of Up-And-Coming PGA Players Attracting Attention

As a golf tournament attendee, which of these players would you most want to see play?

Jordan Spieth - 48%
Tiger Woods - 23%
Rory McIlroy - 12%
Jason Day - 6%
Rickie Fowler - 4%
Dustin Johnson - 2%
Not sure / No response - 5%

This month's TSP covers golf, the NBA, the evolution of endurance events, and more. Read on to see how top sports business executives chimed in on these topics!

August TSP: NBA Best at Hiring, Advancing Women on Business Side

Which of the following “Big Five” leagues does the best job of hiring and advancing women on the business side?

NBA - 44%
MLB - 11%
NFL - 11%
MLS - 5%
NHL - 3%
None of the above - 8%
Not sure/no response - 18%

This month's TSP covers women in sports business, the NFL, the NHL, digital and email marketing, and more. Want to see what today's sports business executives think on these topics? Read on!