June TSP: SportsBiz Execs Say Winning 2028 Bid Would Be Victory for USOC

If Los Angeles wins the bid to host the 2028 Summer Olympics and not the 2024 Summer Olympics, it will be considered a…

Success - 70%
Failure - 17%
Not sure / No response - 13%

The June Turnkey Sports Poll covers current events, the Atlanta sports landscape, sport management education, and executive search in sports and entertainment. See what our industry's top minds have to say on those topics and more.

May TSP: SportsBiz Execs Say Sports Broadcast Rights Fees Will Continue to Rise

In the immediate future, media rights fees for live sports content…

Will continue to rise - 50%
Will stay flat - 30%
Will decline - 17%
Not sure / No response - 3%

What else do our industry's leaders think about broadcast rights fees, VR and artificial intelligence in sports, college athletics, and more? It's all in the May Turnkey Sports Poll.

April TSP: NASCAR Tops at Developing Engagement Opportunities for Sponsors

Which of the following leagues does the best job of developing opportunities for brand engagement for its sponsors?

NASCAR - 35%
NBA - 16%
NFL - 13%
MLB - 10%
PGA Tour - 6%
MLS - 4%
NHL - 4%
Not sure / No response - 12%

This month's poll covers The Masters, youth sports apps, concessions, horse racing and more. How did sports business professionals respond when questioned on these topics? Read on to find out.

March TSP: SportsBiz Professionals Say NHL Players at Olympics More Valuable Than MLB Players at WBC

Which of the following events is more important for growing the popularity of its sport?

NHL players participating in the 2018 Winter Olympics - 73%
MLB players participating in the 2017 World Baseball Classic - 15%
Not sure / No response - 12%

SportsBiz executives think hockey needs NHL players in the Olympics more than baseball needs MLB pros in the WBC. To see industry insiders' opinions on other topics including golf, UFC and the pace of play in major North American leagues, keep reading!

February TSP: 79% of SportsBiz Execs Support 20-Second Pitch Clock

In an attempt to speed up the pace of play, MLB is considering implementing the following rule changes. What are your thoughts on these?

Bad Idea Good Idea Not Sure
Eliminating the need to throw four balls on intentional walks 27% 66% 7%
Raising the strike zone 53% 29% 18%
20-second pitch clock 14% 79% 7%

This month's TSP covers MLB, MLS, March Madness and more. Read on to see our industry's take.

January TSP: Social Media To Be As Impactful For Sponsors As TV In 2017

Which platform will deliver the biggest impact for sports sponsors in 2017?

TV - 32%
Social media - 31%
Mobile - 19%
At-event fan engagement - 11%
Virtual Reality - 3%
Retail / point of sale - 2%
Not sure / No response - 2%

This month's poll covers sponsorship, e-sports, motorsports, sports management education and more. Read on to get up to speed on the thoughts on our industry's top executives!

December TSP: CFP Contributed to College Football’s Popularity

Has the College Football Playoff contributed to the popularity of college football?

Yes - 76%
No - 19%
Not sure / No response - 5%

This month’s poll covers current events, Super Bowl 51, NHL at 100, and more. Read on to see what the top minds in sports business have to say on these topics and more.

September TSP: Sports Execs Support NBA’s All-Star Game Decision

By moving the 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte, the NBA…

Made the right decision - 60%
Made the wrong decision - 24%
Not sure / No response - 16%

This month's TSP covers social issues in sports , NBA teams jersey patch sponsorships and big data. Read on to see what the top minds in sports business have to say on these topics and more.