February TSP: SportBiz Execs Think NBA and MLS Games Best Cater to Millennial Fans’ Needs

Which leagues/sports have done the best job of offering an experience focusing on the needs of Millennial fans?

NBA - 37%
MLS - 30%
College Football - 21%
College Basketball - 13%
MLB - 8%
NHL - 8%
NFL - 7%
None of these - 4%
Not sure / No response - 10%

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January TSP: Effect of World Cup Without U.S. Team on MLS Business to be Big Storyline This Season

The start of the MLS season is right around the corner. The major storylines for the upcoming season will be...?

The effect of a World Cup with no US participation on MLS business metrics - 40%
Discussion about expansion cities - 24%
LAFC entering the league - 10%
Columbus Crew’s potential move to Austin - 5%
Atlanta United’s ability to sustain the momentum of its inaugural season - 4%
DC United beginning play in Audi Field - 1%
Not sure / No response - 16%

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December TSP: SportsBiz Execs Say In 10 Years Most Revenue to Come From Digital Rights Fees

In 10 years, the dominant source of revenue for sports properties is most likely to be…?

Streaming / digital media rights fees - 57%
TV media rights fess - 33%
A new revenue stream - 6%
Sponsorship - 3%
Not sure / No response – 1%

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November TSP: SportsBiz Execs Support 8 Team CFP

If the college football playoff expanded, how many teams do you think should be included?

Eight team format - 66%
Six team format (top two seeds get a bye) - 26%
Not sure / No response – 8%

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October TSP: Industry Execs Not Surprised by NCAA Bribery Scandal

Were you surprised by the bribery and cheating scandal that has rocked college basketball?

Yes - 11%
No - 89%

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September TSP: SportsBiz Execs Say NBA Top Property for Sponsors

At the moment, which of the following leagues is the hottest property for sponsors?

NBA - 35%
NFL - 28%
MLS - 11%
MLB - 10%
NHL - 4%
PGA Tour - 1%
Not sure / No response - 5%

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August TSP: SportsBiz Experts Say Player Safety, Ratings Will Dominate 2017 NFL Headlines

What will be the biggest story of the 2017-18 NFL season?

Player safety - 38%
TV ratings trends - 32%
Player behavior - 12%
New / changing markets - 10%
Fan experience / stadium technology - 2%
International exposure - 0%
Other - 4%
Not sure / No response - 2%

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July TSP: SportsBiz Execs Say Tech Companies Have Ticketing Industry in Sight

Should properties (teams, concert promoters, etc.) have the right to limit ticket buyers’ ability to resell tickets?

Yes - 51%
No - 47%
Not sure / No response - 2%

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June TSP: SportsBiz Execs Say Winning 2028 Bid Would Be Victory for USOC

If Los Angeles wins the bid to host the 2028 Summer Olympics and not the 2024 Summer Olympics, it will be considered a…

Success - 70%
Failure - 17%
Not sure / No response - 13%

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May TSP: SportsBiz Execs Say Sports Broadcast Rights Fees Will Continue to Rise

In the immediate future, media rights fees for live sports content…

Will continue to rise - 50%
Will stay flat - 30%
Will decline - 17%
Not sure / No response - 3%

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